Building the Nation through Youth

Our Mission

To help in establishing new youth groups, which are founded on Christian values and Danish organisation principles.

To provide a safe environment where children and youth can develop social skills.

To build a bridge between young New Danes and Danes, locally and nationally.

Our Vision

To empower children and youth to play an important role in integration in Denmark.

To have opportunities to make a positive contribution for integration to their wider community.

Our Values

Bridging the Youth
FUN – to have fun while learning


who are we?


FUN supports integration among  young migrants in Denmark.

As a member of the Danish Youth Council (DUF) FUN is involved in empowering young new Danes to actively take part in democracy in the society.

Through FUN local youth groups, our members are actively involved in the local community where they collaboration and respectively do activities for children and young people.

FUN wants to support young new Danes to participate actively in association life, build bridges between young new Danes and our peers Danish peers and be active in integration processes in Denmark, and this is done through local FUN youth groups.

We meet in local FUN associations, where meaningful activities and projects are carried out for our members. FUN collaborates with a network of local groups, churches, various inland and international organizations.

what's happening?


Get to management workshops and get tools for operating associations, networks with other FUN associations and more


List of youth groups

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Thomas Sam Ansan



Enabyayi Bios Nyarukemba

Vice -Chairman

Elias Zerezghi Weldemichael


Elocho Swedi

Board Member


Malipo Birunga

Board Member

Kate Eni Tita

Board Member

Hilda Rivera

Board Member


Yabonu Chuku


Jeremiah Darko




FUN is open to all individual and  youth groups who can abide by our constitution. 

If you are a youth group, contact us for further information on how to become a member.

If you are not a member of a youth group and would like to join FUN, we can help you to find a FUN youth group.

Contact us  for further information:



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We offer

  • Workshops for youth leader
  • Information meeting about Genbrug til SYD (GTS)
  • Summer Camp

For more information check our page:

Commitment in society

FUN supports the integration of young migrants in Denmark.

FUN, as a member of the Danish Youth Joint Council (DUF), is committed to strengthening young new Danes to participate actively in society’s democracy.

Through FUN, local youth associations are active in their local municipalities, where they collaborate with relevant partners to be able to do activities for children and young people.


All FUN local youth associations are 100% driven by volunteers. Our volunteers organize themselves in the youth associations, where they support the board with the coordination of activities.

In the FUN country organization we have a board of directors, where members work voluntarily with the coordination of national activities and make decisions about FUN’s growth and future.

We offer internships (without pay) at FUN’s office. Please contact us if you are interested.



Who We Are and Why?

We are group of volunteers and have a properly registered NGO. Please visit our site to get more details.

How To Become Volunteers?

To become volunteer of our NGO, visit our website or our office which is in 11, HOWENT Road, NewYork

How Can I Donate ?

You can donate by using our website or can provide check and mailed to our address. We welcome you.

How to Sign up your Group?

We are group of volunteers having helping hearts to help helpless people regardless of the countries and religions.


We collaborate with KIT and its members. 

FUN is in partnership with Frydensberg Efterskole.


FUN is a member of  Dansk Ungdoms Fællesråd ( Danish Youth Council) (DUF).